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    Logistics consulting

    Logisticians of the company successfully and professionally are engaged in optimization of the chain of purchases, deliveries, transportation, cargo storage and related costs.

    The modern model of logistics is based on the system approach. All links in the chain of goods movement from producer to buyer are interrelated, therefore, the issues of delivery, storage and supply must be resolved in a comprehensive manner.

    We will undertake the organization and management of transportation, the preparation of documentation, storage and handling of goods at our transit warehouses in Europe and Southeast Asia and delivery to the final recipient.

    We will free you from the need to maintain your own logistics service, including a fleet of vehicles, warehouses and staff, and we will offer the best solution for your specific tasks.

    Customs clearance

    Customs clearance is an integral part of the transport of goods from one country to another. We offer assistance in the customs clearance of various categories of goods, except for the excisable group. Established partnerships with customs brokers allow us to speed up the process of preparing the necessary documents.

    We will help you obtain a permit for the import of goods, certificates of conformity, sanitary and hygienic conclusions, veterinary certificates, etc., prepare a package of accompanying documents.

    We will calculate the optimal cost of customs clearance and conduct all customs operations on your behalf.

    Warehouse logistics

    We offer temporary storage and consolidation services at our own transit warehouses in Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Latvia, China and America.

    Collection of goods

    A great popularity among our clients is the pick-up service - it is a fence and delivery of goods to the specified addresses.

    We are ready to pick up your cargo anywhere in the world, deliver to one of our transit warehouses, issue the necessary transport, customs and other permits, ship the mode of transport you are interested in and at the end of the chain deliver it to your destination.

    This service provides a preferential through rate for all stages of transportation.

    Thus, you use a more favorable tariff than when ordering each of the services separately.

    Continuous delivery from China

    If you need to organize large shipments of goods from China, it will be most correct to establish direct contacts with the manufacturer or seller of the goods.

    The well-established scheme of direct deliveries will allow to significantly reduce the costs for the purchase and delivery of goods to the recipient.

    We will help in the preparation of all contracts and necessary documents, opinions and certificates, taking into account all your wishes. We take control of the quality of the goods, we will monitor the compliance with the delivery dates.

    Best solutions for shipping goods from China and Europe to Russia